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Welcome to the Transgender
Law and Policy Institute.
We are a non-profit organization dedicated
to engaging in effective advocacy
for transgender people in our society.
The TLPI brings experts and advocates
together to work on law and policy initiatives
designed to advance transgender equality.



Non-Discrimination Laws

Litigation: Case Law

Hate Crime Laws

College and School Policies

Employer and Union Policies

Medical and Health Care Polices


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Also, please visit the pages of our sister organizations:

National Center for Transgender Equality

Transgender Law Center, San Francisco.

Sylvia Rivera Law Project, New York City

If you have a question about how the law in your jurisdiction affects you, or are looking for a referral, email us here. We work with the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) in New England to answer legal questions. Please let us know what state you reside in when contacting us, so we can answer your question more effectively and in a timely manner.

If you have information about new laws, regulations or policies affecting transgender people or notice a bad link, please let us know.  These pages are a community effort and we really appreciate your feedback.

If you are considering drafting and/or proposing a state or local anti-discrimination law, Lisa Mottet of the Transgender Civil Rights Project at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force is available to advise you. Email us here.

If you've found the information on these web pages helpful, please consider supporting our sister organization, the Transgender Law Center, whose staff volunteers to help answer the legal queries you send us. If you can, please help out this important institution by giving online here.   You can read more about the Transgender Law Center on their web page here.

These pages are a community effort. Unlike the pages of many advocacy organizations, we don't ask for a contribution in the form of money. We do, however, ask you to share your knowledge and experience with other transgender rights advocates.  If you have developed resources for lobbying, education handouts, legal memoranda, testimony, reports of violence and discrimination, and would agree to post or link them here, please email them to us as attachments or send us the URL for linking.


Last edited: 04/09/2010